Going In Style

How come you're always feeding them, Willie? You know, they say they bring disease. Never brought me no disease. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not a guy who's got it out for pigeons. I like them. It's nice to have a little nature around. But it's just that I heard they cause disease. Yeah. Well.... What the hell's the matter with this kid? If he eats any more jelly doughnuts... they're gonna have to take him to kindergarten in a moving van. Look at that mug. Got one of them heads they make piss pots out of. Get the hell out of here. -Too much excitement for one day. -I'm telling you. I'm sick of this shit. Yeah, but it beats getting hit in the head with a dull ax. Yeah? I wonder about that. Let's go home. Checks are probably in by now. Jesus Christ, $49. Who's using all the lights? Don't look at me. Al? -What? -Don't "what" me. Every time you get up to take a leak at night... you forget to shut the light off in the bathroom. What are you talking about? I don't ever turn the lights on. No wonder the seat's always wet in the morning. At least I don't forget to flush. What are you trying to say? I never forget to flush. All right. I'm sorry I brought it up already. Let's forget about it, okay? Come on. Nothing to start fighting about. It's only a couple of dollars. I'll be with you in a minute. I should've bought a house right after the war when I had the chance. -You all right, Joe? -Yeah, I'm okay. -You sure? -Yeah. You haven't eaten much lately. That could be a sign of something. Just haven't had an appetite. -What? -Nothing. -Sure you're okay? -Yeah. Just thinking about things, that's all. You know. All right. Two hundred and thirty-seven... times 36. Thanks. Thanks. A little more water. That's good. Thanks. How do you feel this morning, Al? -Pretty good. -Willie? -All right. -That's good to hear. Me, on the other hand, if I spend another day doing nothing... but sitting around in that park looking at them ugly kids... I'm gonna go nuts. How would you guys like to go on a stickup with me? What was that? I said, how's about we all go on a stickup? It's foolproof. If it works, we'll be in great shape. If not, maybe they'll give us three years. Maybe. That would be free room and board, and when we get out... we'd each have 36 social security checks waiting for us. That, by the way, adds up to $8,532... apiece. Not a bad piece of change. Maybe we could put it together... and buy one of them newspaper and candy stands... in one of them big buildings in Manhattan. A friend of mine's son bought him one. Lives pretty good. But what the hell am I talking about that for? That's only if we get caught, and I don't think we'd get caught. Well? -Well, what? -What do you guys think? I don't know. Sounds like a great idea. What do you mean, it sounds like a great idea? I don't know what you're talking about. Are you talking about actually doing this, or what? Yeah, actually doing this. Do you hear what you're saying? Look, let me tell you something, Willie. I got to look back and say that my life was okay. I got my share of everything but money, and the guys who went out for that... some of them got it today, but put too much time in getting it. Whatever. That's history. Right now, here we are, and I ain't complaining... but things would be a lot easier if we had a little extra cash. And, besides, what the hell could we lose? Either we get the money or we get caught. We're winners either way. I did some stealing during the war, so I'll set everything up. -What do you mean? -Never mind what I mean. -Hello, Mrs. Fein. -How are you, boys? You're looking great. -Thank you. -Bye-bye. Goodbye. We're gonna need some guns. I don't believe this. Willie, we're gonna need your help. But I respect your feelings. If you don't wanna go, you don't have to. I want you to know you'll still be our partner. We'll cut you in on everything. That is, if it's okay with you, Al. -Of course it's okay with me. -Good. Yeah, and if you go to jail, am I still gonna be your partner? Through thick and thin, for better or worse... you'll always be our partner. Listen, my nephew Pete is a gun nut. He's got a small collection he keeps in a cabinet in his basement. Well? I'm going over there to watch his kids this afternoon for two hours. -I'll check it out. -Great. But, Al, make sure that you don't say nothing to nobody. -Of course I won't say nothing to nobody. -Good. Don't worry about a thing, Willie. We're gonna make you feel young again. Bang! It's all set. We got no problems. Got four pistols. You want rifles? We got rifles. Pete's got a couple of rifles, too. -No rifles. -All right, we got four pistols. Now, one of them is one of those heavy machine German.... One of those heavy German machine pistols. I don't think that's too good. I think we can do without that. -But the other three are perfect. -Good. Do you think you'll have any problem getting them out of there? Joe, piece of cake. When all this is over, we'll give your nephew some money. But everybody remember, we get caught... we don't tell where we got the guns, right? Of course not. -What are we gonna stick up? -I was just thinking about that. Might as well make it a bank, right? -I guess so. Might as well. -Willie, what do you think? You're asking the wrong person. I think a bank would be pretty good. We might as well go all the way. Besides, I think they're insured for this kind of thing anyways. Not one in the neighborhood though. They'll know us there. Tomorrow, we'll take a ride into the city and look around. There must be a million good banks there. You'll come along with us for the ride, Willie? Yeah. -No funny stuff. -No funny stuff. Serious stuff. -Feels great to be doing something. -You said it. Jesus. Don't anybody work up here? They're all out walking. You know... I haven't been in the city since I stopped driving the cab. -Boy. -It's been a long time for me, too. I forgot how many beautiful women there are around up here. A lot of good they're gonna do you now. I still kind of like to look at them. Boy, this place is beautiful. Well, what do you think? I don't know. What are we looking for? I don't know. But I kind of like this one though. What do you think? I guess it would be all right. Willie, what do you think? It's sure nicer than the one in the neighborhood. Looks good to me. There's only one guard. We ain't gonna do better than that. Should we call it this one? Well? -Yeah, I guess so. -Good. -Might as well. -Good. Joe, you think we maybe ought to look at some more? What for? A bank's a bank. What are we gonna do about all those cameras in there? That'll be no problem. -Onions? -Better not. -Come on, live a little. -Come on, live it up. Okay, onions. Everything on mine. Put that away. These are on me. By next week, we'll be going out for Chinese food every night. You really think this is gonna work? What does it matter? I feel like I'm 40 again. Boy! Well, I tell you what. We'll take a gypsy cab there and tell him to wait while we go inside. Those gypsy cab drivers don't keep a record of where they go or what. We'll act dopey, and we'll give him a good deal. He won't figure three old guys to be up to anything. And just to be safe, we'll take a bus to Corona first... and maybe we'll take the cab from there. That'll make everything harder to trace. Boy, you must have done some stealing during the war. A stickup guy I used to know a long time ago told me... the most important thing is to put fear into everybody right away. So when we get in there, let me do all the talking. When do you want to do this? -When do you think you can get the guns? -Anytime. -Could you get them today, for instance? -I guess so. Sure. If that's the case, then we'll go there tomorrow and make our withdrawal. -No sense in waiting around, right? -I guess not. They look like they'd be a little too warm. You probably can't breathe too good through them. Probably can't see too good through them either. I think these would be pretty good. Easy to carry around, easy to take on and off. Whatever you say, Joe. You recognized me. Boy, won't the kids love these? Yeah. -How are you doing, Al? -Pete. Come on in. I was just on my way out. What are you doing home in the afternoon? I'm taking an early shift over at the station. I picked up a job at night, bartending up in the Bronx. Come on in. -All the way up in the Bronx? -lt ain't so bad. Hardest part's cleaning my fingernails to tend bar... after working on cars all day. -Hi, Al, how are you doing? -Pretty good, dear. -Sit down. You want some coffee? -No, thanks. I can't stay too long. I was just walking by and thought I'd drop in and say hello. Hello, Uncle Al. Look, I'm sorry, but I've got to run out now. -Are you gonna stay for dinner? -No, thanks, Pete. Not today. -I got to meet Joe and Willie soon. -Okay. -I'll see you later on then. -Goodbye. -See you tonight, sweetie. -Bye-bye. -How's my beautiful princess today? -Good. -Been a good girl? -Yeah. You're always good. Why don't you show Uncle Al the pictures you drew? They're upstairs. -Did you draw some pictures? -Yeah, they're upstairs. -Think I might be able to see them? -Yeah. Do you want me to come upstairs with you? -Yeah. -Okay. What are we waiting for? Let's go. Wait for me, honey. You go ahead upstairs. I'll be up in a minute. -Go ahead. -Okay. He must have had a million kinds of bullets. I didn't know which were for which guns, so I took them all. I figured we'd figure it out when I got home here. Are we gonna use real bullets? Willie, if we don't do this thing right, and we get caught... the bleeding hearts in the city will put us on probation... and this whole thing will wind up costing us a fortune on subway tokens... going to see some probation officer. After the stickup, we'll have to get rid of our clothes... so wear something you can throw away. These are very attractive. You pick these out? As soon as we get into the bank, Al, I want you to hold your gun on the guard... while me and Willie collect the dough. We'll have them fill up that airline bag I got. I figured that ought to hold a nice couple of dollars. Then we'll get out of there fast, get back into the gypsy cab... but instead of taking it back here, we'll get out and hop into the subway. That'll help confuse everything. Any questions? What if we get shot? -What's the difference? -Yeah, Willie, what's the difference? What's the matter, Willie? Can't sleep. Willie, what's the matter? I had a dream about Bobby... my oldest son, when I spanked him once when he was little. I don't even remember what the hell it was all about. What could it have been? Come home from work... my wife tells me he did something wrong, whatever it was. So I ask him why he did it. He says he didn't do it. So I crack him across the rear end, and I ask him again. He still says he didn't do it, whatever it was. So I crack him again. I was young at that time. I didn't want to let him get the best of me. Can you imagine that? I kept smacking him across that little rear end of his... till finally he said, "Yeah, yeah." Whatever the hell it was, he did it. Then he ran to the bed... put his head in the pillow... wouldn't look at me. We never had any fun after that. He only lasted till he was 18, that kid. I never got the chance to explain. Come on, Willie. Get some sleep. No wonder the big tube we bought a week ago is practically gone. You don't have to use that much. We're gonna be rich in a couple hours. Leave me alone. I don't know if I'm gonna shave. -You're gonna shave? -I don't know. Joe, are you shaving? No, I'm pouring coffee. I mean, are you shaving this morning? I'm not gonna shave. You can shave if you want to. What the hell for? No. This is too big. Too big. -What about this one? -Too small. -Here. -No, that's a small one, too. Let's see. Yeah, that works. -Yeah. More like that. -Let me see that. We'll match it. Right there. Look, that's it, right there. -Good. -Here's another one like that. -Too small. -Willie's doing a better job than you. -Willie's in the way. -Yeah. -All right. No, that's.... -That's good. -That's the big one. -lt is? No, let me see that. No, it isn't. It's perfect. Good. That's it. That's not it. Let's start again. -Let's start from scratch. -The bank will be closed. My, don't you look snappy. I used to wear this when I was bartending. Here, put these in your pocket. Which one do you want? Don't make no difference to me. Al, button your top button. Right there. That's it. -Am I okay? -Fine. Can you see mine? -Looks fine to me. -Me, too. Okay, then. Let's get going. Could we go over the whole thing one more time? If we go through this again, I'm really gonna get nervous. Don't you worry about a thing. I'll be watching out for you. Just stick by me and stay loose. That was quick. -I didn't know you could whistle like that. -Haven't done it in a while. How're you doing today? We'd like to know how much you'd charge just to take us to Manhattan and back? One of them has got to go to a bank on 36th and Broadway to sign a will. He'll only be there for a few minutes. The guy's already waiting there for us. $30. It'll be $30. Gee, that's a lot of money, but okay. -This is where you wanna go, right? -That's right. Okay, come on. You make a move, and my friend will blow your brains out. And don't think he won't do it. All right, this is a stickup. Touch them buzzers, and we start blasting. I want everyone out here to get down on the floor. And, you back there... start pushing that money through them windows. You've got to be kidding. That's better. No nonsense, and no one gets hurt. What does his secretary got to do with it? I don't know.... You. I'm talking to you, both of you. Get over there. Sit down. Come on, get over there. That's better. Now, just sit tight, and don't get any bright ideas. You got me? -What? -Nothing. Help me fill up the bag. Put it all in here. That's it. That's it, both hands. Attagirl. Keep going. Good. Right there, that big bundle. Good, you did a nice job. Tell your boss to give you a raise. Thought we were kidding? Let's go. Help him. That's it. Help him. Good. Let's go. Right there. Put it all in. That's it. Right. Good. Good. Love your hairdo. Now, I want all of you to lie down also. And make it snappy. You, too. Down. Guess that's it. Let's get out of here. Okay, let's go. Here you go. Keep the change. I've got the tokens already. Here, open this bag. That's it. Will you help me? Come on. Forget it. Here, throw this in there. -Put that in. -Okay. Will you get back here? How much yours come to? I got $11,518. What did yours come to? $9,821. -Willie? -$14,216. Geronimo. $14,216. That's five.... $35,555. Should have hit the safe, too. We were right there. First thing we got to do is change our clothes... and get rid of all this cash. We can't keep it around here. If they find out who we are, they'll tear this place to pieces. Listen, I got an old suitcase I keep at Pete and Kathy's. There'll be room enough in there for all this. -Does it got a lock on it? -It's got a lock on it. But you know Pete and Kathy never go through my stuff anyways. What do you think, Willie? You all right? Yeah. If you fellows think it'll be safe there, it's all right with me. All right. I ought to get going. -You sure you're all right? -Yeah. I think the excitement must have upset my stomach a little. Should we get you some Alka-Seltzer or something? No, fresh air will take care of it. Not too long after they opened their doors this morning... the Union Marine Bank on 36th and Broadway in Manhattan... Listen. ... was robbed by three masked gunmen, who made off with over $50,000 in cash. However, the thing that makes this bank robbery a little different... from the usual bank robbery... is that these bank robbers were a little different. Eyewitnesses at the scene.... -All done. Pete didn't.... -Listen to this. ...all three gunmen were well into their 70s. The Gray Panthers, a lobbyist organization for senior citizens ' rights... do point out that the incident dramatizes what the Panthers call: "A woeful inadequacy of the current government programs... "that attempt to deal with the elderly. " There is confusion today over the newest Labor Department figures.... -We're famous. -Did everything go all right? -Perfect. -Good. Pete didn't miss the guns or nothing. The money is locked in one of my suitcases... stashed way in the back of one of his closets. Well, that's that. Yeah. Could you let me talk to Mr. Bender, please? Joe Harris. Bender? Joe Harris. Yeah. Okay, listen, I'm down here... at the Queensborough Hospital with Al... and Willie just died. Yeah. No, just like that. The doctor says his heart just gave out. Anyways, could you send somebody down here to pick him up? Me and Al will come over in a little while and settle all the arrangements with you. Yeah. Let's do it up nice this time, okay? To hell with the social security. We're gonna be taking care of it. Yeah, cash, Bender, don't worry. Right. See you in a little while. Al, are you okay? -Yeah. -Hi, Joe. We heard about Willie. Jesus. We feel terrible. Yeah. We got so worried. We kept calling, but nobody answered. Listen, we want you to come over to our house for a couple of days. Let us take care of you till this whole thing's over, what do you say? It'd be great, Al. You can relax and fool around with the kids. Help you take your mind off of things. -You think so, Joe? -Yeah. Yeah, come on. Stop being a baby. Go ahead. Okay. I'll go up and get some clothes. You got the clothes you left when you sat for the kids. Yeah, come on, Al. -You gonna be all right, Joe? -Go ahead. Don't bother. I'll be fine. We've got plenty of room... and the kids love playing with you, too, you know that. Thanks, Pete, but I'd kind of like to be alone tonight anyways. You go ahead and take care of your uncle. I'll be all right. Okay. -We'll see you later on then. -Okay. If you change your mind or you need anything, just give us a call. -You got our number? -Yeah, I got it upstairs. Good night. Good night. Jesus Christ. Crying and pissing in your pants like a three-month-old baby. I guess the whole goddamn cycle is complete now. What a day this was gonna be. -How's my little bunny rabbit? -Good. -Your mommy and daddy here? -Yeah. -You gonna say hello to my friend? -Yeah. -You remember his name? -Yeah. -What's his name? -Joe. That's right, sugar plum. Say hello to Joe. -Hi. Hello, Joe. -Hello, sweetheart. -Are you feeling better this morning? -Yeah. -How are you doing, Joe? -Pretty good. Remember, our offer's still open. Thanks a lot, but I'm all right. -You're sure, now? -Yeah, thanks. Excuse me... I've got to go see what's doing down there. We'll see Joe later, all right? Looking sharp, Kevin. Feels funny to say, but I get the feeling I'm gonna be joining you real soon. -What grade did you say Kevin was in? -Third grade. -I'm going to fourth. -That figures, it follows after third. Before you know it's been four years. -Two lights together. Look. -Yeah? Yeah, that's tough. That's right. This is my summer vacation in between third and fourth. That's right. -You get what vacation? -This is my summer vacation. Al, can I talk to you for a minute? Here, I'll take her. Come on, sweetie. Right here. -What's up? -Come here. What do you say we give $25,000 to Pete? -What do you mean? -I mean why don't we give him $25,000? That'll leave us $10,000. What the hell were we gonna do with all that money anyways? That'd be great. -That would be all right with you? -lt was my idea, wasn't it? -Can we talk to you for a minute? -Sure. Why don't we go next door so we can have a little privacy? -Okay. Is everything all right? -Yeah, everything's fine. -You want a beer? -Okay. Moon, can we have two beers, please? You know... I'm beginning to feel a little better. I think I'll stay at my own place tonight. Okay. -ls that what you called me in here for? -No, of course not. -You can't tell this to anybody. -Sure. What is it? Willie left us a $25,000 life insurance policy. Joe and I talked it over... and we want to give you the $25,000... to use as a down payment on your own gas station. -What? -Here we are. Thanks. I don't understand. Look, we don't have too much use for $25,000. But me and Al could sure use an extra $20 a week. So we figure we give you the $25,000... and in exchange, you give us $20 a week until we die. What do you say? I don't know what to say. Just say okay. -Okay. -All right, then. It's settled. -Boy, am I glad that's all over with. -Yeah. Me, too. Poor Willie never even got to spend any of the dough. What are you gonna do with all that money anyways? I don't know. Do you wanna go to the movies? I didn't mean right now. I mean... -you know. -No, I don't know. What? 20 years from now? -So? -I don't know. Maybe you wanna go out to the track and bet on a couple of races. Too tired. Maybe you ought to take some vitamins. Now that we've got some money, we can afford to get some vitamins for you. -They don't do anything for you. -No, I hear they do. -They say they give you energy. -Yeah? That's what they say. I don't know. For the first time in 15 years, I feel like I need a vacation. Why don't we take some of that money and go to Hawaii or Miami... someplace nice like that? -Yeah? -Why the hell not? Let's go out to Las Vegas. I always had to be a $2 bettor. Now I could do some real gambling, and you can get some rest. Sounds good to me. -How do we get there? -I don't know. Plane, I guess. I've never been on a plane before. Neither have l. So what? We're only young once. -How much money did you get? -Took along around $5,000. -Think that ought to be enough? -I think we'll be able to squeak by on that. -Got everything in there? -Everything. Got us clothes, underwear, everything. Toothbrushes, everything we need. And I picked these up for you. -What's this? -Vitamins. -Thank you. -You're welcome. -To the airport. -Which one? -The big one. -Kennedy? That's it. -That's it. We're on our way. -That's it? -You just buy the tickets and that's it? -That's it. It's amazing. Don't need no reservations or nothing? Guess not. -What time do we have to be on the plane? -ln about three minutes. Three minutes? -What's that rumbling sound? -You asking me? Joe, the wings are shaking. Just close your eyes and don't worry about it. Oh, my God. My God in Heaven. Gentlemen. Right this way, sir. -Pass on the eight. -Point is six, shooter. Nine in the field. Point is six now. Six to win. Your roll now. Ten the hard way. Two fives the hard way, ten. Here they go. Make your bets, to the line of six. Six will win the money. Do you understand any of this? It looks the same like we used to play during World War l... except here it looks a little more comfortable. Point is six now. Six to a win. Nine, up field nine. Could we get $2,500 worth of chips, please? Change coming in. On a six. Six will win. Ten. Ten, easy. -Make sure that's right, will you? -Change only. -You know what you're doing? -I think so. $35 right here on the left. -Give him $2,500 worth of chips. -Okay, thanks. -Right. -Point is six, shooter. Six to win. Here they roll. Seven out. Line away. No six. Seven out, last comes in. Don'ts get paid. -You lose, then? -He lost, yeah. All right, here we go. A new shooter coming out. -You'll be the shooter, sir? -I pass the dice. -All right, which shooter's next? -What does that mean? I go? -Just pick up two and throw them. -Here they go. -Bet them now, now's the chance. -Pick up two of the dice? Yeah, just pick up two of the dice. -You need to make a bet, sir. -$100 on the line. -Throw them nice now. -Just two? Just two. All right, here they go. Let it roll. -All right. Throw them. -They roll, they go.... -Five, put them on five. -Do you give odds on the five? -Three-to-two, sir. -I'd like to put another $200 on the five. -Place your money here. -Okay, there you are. Sir, you must hit the end rail every time you throw the dice. -Okay, I'm sorry. -That's quite all right, sir. They've got to roll all the way down, hit that, and come back? -Roll again. Same shooter. -Same two dice? Shoot them right up, sir. Here we go. Want a five. Five will win. Eight. It is the eight. -What does eight mean? -Nothing. Five is what we want. -A three and a two. A four and a one. -Coming out again, bet them up. Crap for eleven, seven. Now's the time. -Get them down and roll. -Throw a five. -Quick. Throw in a four and a five-- -Five. -Five a winner. -Attaboy, Al. $25 limit. Who else? Crap for 11. -Okay. -One bet, high 11. $300 on the line says my friend Al throws them right. -Throw it. -Here they go. They roll. I'm betting $300. -Do it. -They roll. They go.... Seven winner! Winner seven. We just won $300. We're ahead about $600. -Another $300. -Coming out again. Let it roll. Another $300. Seven a winner! We're winning a fortune. Look at this, $500 chip. -Okay, another $500 on the line. -Another $500 on the line. Here they go. They roll. -Do it! -Yo 11! Eleven. Coming out again. Bet them up. Pretty good, Al. Eleven. -$1,000 on the line. -Sir, this table has a $500 limit. You must be kidding. Is this a kid's game? You can make another bet in the field or a come bet or place bet... but $500 is all you can bet per number. Okay, pal, $500 on the four. $500 each? -Four, five... -$500 five. ...$500 on the six... $500 on the eight... $500 on the nine... -and $500 on the 10. -You're all set. Now we've got everything covered. -What do I do now? -Just throw the dice. Just throw the dice and shut up. Stay away from that seven. No seven now. Let's go. Five, five. No field. -Al, you're a genius. -I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Don't worry about it. You just throw those numbers, and let me handle this. The point is five, shooter. You need to make a five to win. I've got to shoot for five? Shoot just numbers. Five, four... -I'm just asking. Five or what? -...six, eight, anything but a seven. -No sevens. -No seven. Five a winner. Five! We've got another five. Attaboy, Al. $1,000 right there. Look at that. Come on, keep throwing those numbers. Where're the dice? -Let's have the bones. -Give the man the bones. He's got the bones. Throw the bones out! Do it. Nine. Here we are. We get some more money. You throw the dice, and I keep collecting money, Al. Put her right there. I don't wanna reach. I don't wanna hurt myself. How about that? This is amazing. -A-- -Number! Eight. -Eight. This is crazy. -How much are we ahead? -I can't lift it. -Give me half. No, you throw the dice. Here they go. They roll. They're in the air. -Do it. -Four the hard way! The hard way four. Get some real money. Here we are. We better put them in here. Three red chips, any time. Another $1,000. Wanna give me another $1,000 for three red chips? Trying to be funny. Boy, I bet Willie would've enjoyed all of this. Yeah. Willie, I hope you're watching this. What am I talking about? Probably setting it all up for us. -Go ahead. Throw them. -Again? Yes, again. Here they go. They roll. Do it! Ten! Hard ten. -Hard 10. -Fives are with ten upon. Okay, Al, you collect the money. I'm tired. I'll have cream cheese and jelly sandwich on rye bread... and a cup of coffee, please. Cream cheese and jelly? What would you like? Let me see. -I'll have the same thing. -Thank you. After we eat, you wanna go to one of them girlie shows they've got? I don't know. -I'm getting kind of tired. -Yeah, me, too. I guess we're a little too old for this kind of nonsense. Hello. Excuse me. Why, I never dreamt that a place like this existed. You want a six now. Shoot a six. Make a hard six. -Shoot a six. -What? -Shooting for six. -Six is my point. Four and two, three and three, and a five and one make six. -Wait a minute. Hold it. -Hold it, he says. Throw a six, Al. Do anything you want, but throw a six. Four and two, three and three, five and one. Six, baby! -Piece of cake. -Six, Al. Winner, six hard. Hard way winner! -I ain't never ever seen anything like this. -That's good sentence structure. $45 here and $900 more here for the hard six. Pretty good, how much we got there? I don't know. I stopped counting 20 minutes ago. And back then, I had little over $30,000. $30,000 or $13,000? $30,000, and that was 20 minutes ago. And that don't include the $11,000 from before. Get a bet now, they're coming out. -Jesus Christ. -I know. Same shooter now. You're gonna shoot them again, aren't you? Hold it. Let's just go for one more roll... and cash in our chips and see what's going on, okay? Okay, anything you say. Would you take all the bets off the numbers? -All your bets? -Right. Leave $500 on the eight and $500 on the six. -Okay, if this is what suits you. -Off on the hard six, too. Hard six off. Right. Okay, Al, now you can throw them. -Ready, folks? -Ready. Seven and four, five and a two, and six and five are eleven. Crap dice, take the line. Pay the don't side, a line away. Here you go, gentlemen, buy yourselves some hats. Thank you, sir. -Can I have a rack, please? -The gentleman wants-- A rack for these chips. -How much have we got? -I'll tell you later. -How much are we ahead? -Later. -Ladle? -Later! I'll tell you later. Okay, this totals $61,900. -That's all? -That's all. We got to get out of here right away. What does that come to with what we won before? A little over $73,000. This is serious stuff. Some of the bums downstairs are gonna try and rob us. Or the FBl will wanna know who the old guys are. I read in a paper once... where they hang out in joints like this looking for crooks. So what do we do? We got to get the money and get out of here. May I help you? Yes. You see, me and my friend here... won a whole bunch of money at your crap tables here. We're looking for a little bag, about so big... Iike one of those overnight bags or something like that... to take the money back home with us. Something with a lock on it, if you've got it. In leather, I presume. Leather sounds nice. -Remember us? -Sure. We came to pick up our money. Here's our receipts. If you'll wait a moment, I'll have a check drawn for you. We'd prefer it in cash, if you can. Normally, when it is this amount... we do like to have a company check drawn. It's basically like a cashier's check. Yeah, we'd kind of like the cash instead. Stuff some clothes in here. -Here you are, kid. -Thank you, sir. Maybe we should have spent the night. I'm exhausted. It didn't feel right to me back there. Believe me, this is the best way. Get some sleep on the plane. You kidding? I could sooner fall asleep on a roller coaster. I don't like them jets. I don't trust no plane that ain't got propellers. You were great back there, Al. Bet you them guys never saw nobody roll like that before. You weren't doing too bad either, you know. The way you kept moving them chips around. Boy. Yeah. Feels like we've lived two lives: one before the robbery, and one after. The city budget remains the main point of contention... between the Mayor and the City Council President. The Mayor says the Council's decision... to spend an additional $8 million for the budget... was irresponsible. There's been some movement in the investigation... of that bank robbery at Broadway and 36th Street last Thursday. Although the FBl isn 't saying much... a source at the police department tells WlNS... he wouldn 't be surprised if there was a break... in the case of the three elderly men who held up the Union Marine Bank. He characterized the robbery... as a job done by "a careless group of amateurs. " What the hell are you talking about? "A careless group of amateurs." Wake up, Al. The cops just called us a bunch of amateurs. I suppose you got to knock off a bank every other week... in order to get some respect from those jerks. Al, wake up. Hey, Al, wake up. Joe, how you doing? Come on in. Thanks. -Where's Al? -He's at home. I just came over to talk to you about some stuff. -Sure. Nothing wrong, is it? -No. -Hello, Joe. -Hiya, beautiful. -Hi, Joe. -Hi. Joe, you look kind of tired. Would you like a cup of coffee? No, thanks. Well, if you already got some made. We got any coffee made, Kat? It'll only take a second though if you want some. -Yeah, please. -Sure. Is there somewhere we can go to talk alone? Sure. Yeah, come on. Come on. You three guys did that? -Are you bullshitting me? -That's only the half of it. Right after we buried Willie... me and your uncle took off to Las Vegas for a couple of hours... and cleaned those bums out for over $70,000. -$17,000 or $70,000? -$70,000. Seven-O. Between the bank job and Vegas, it comes to a little over $107,000. Jesus Christ. Al's dead. -What? -Al died a couple of hours ago. We came back from Las Vegas this afternoon. We were real tired. Al, especially. We didn't get any sleep since before the funeral... what with all the excitement and everything. -lt must have been too much for him. -Jesus. As soon as we got home, we both fell asleep right away. I woke up and.... He must have died in his sleep. Pete, coffee's ready. -All right, honey. We'll be up in a minute. -Want me to bring it down? -It's all right, we'll be up soon. -All right. Where is he? I called Ryan's funeral parlor before I came over. Everything is taken care of. Pete, I know this whole thing is gonna be rough on you... but you got to pull together and listen to me for a minute. I need your help. Okay, go ahead. When me, Al, and Willie did the bank job... we didn't know what the hell we were doing. The whole thing was stupid. We just ran in and did it. Now I've been hearing stuff on the radio... and thinking about how we went about this thing. I got a feeling that we loused up or something. Fingerprints, I don't know what, but I got a feeling that we screwed up. What I need from you, Pete, is somewhere to stash all this money... 'cause there may be some trouble. I'm with you, Joe. Whatever I can do. You got one of them safety deposit boxes? Yeah. You think all this will fit in it? -I guess I could squeeze it in. -You're a good kid, Pete. I want you to take care of this right away. The first thing in the morning. But you got to promise me, if anything should happen... you won't turn any of this dough over to the cops or anything. Just bring you trouble. Them bastards would probably wind up taking all of it... thinking it was all stolen. All right, then. I'm gonna get going. Just remember: No matter what happens, do exactly like I told you, Pete. Don't worry about me, Joe. I'll do just like you say. Okay. I'll see you at Ryan's in the morning then. Okay. That's it, boys. They got us. Looks like I'm going to be living a third life. Did you plan this robbery, Mr. Harris? Can you tell us where the money is? What were you gonna do with all the money? Hello, Mr. Harris. I'm Bob Jensen. I've been asked to come down here and speak with you because... somebody in Washington thought they heard you might be a little reluctant... to cooperate with our men down here. Excuse me for one second. Maybe I could save you some of your valuable time. Okay. Like I told your buddies here, me and my two friends robbed the bank. We did it, and we buried the money, and I'll never tell you where... and you sure as hell ain't ever gonna find it on your own. So why don't you just lock me up and forget all about this whole thing? You'll be doing everybody a favor. They tell me, Joe... that you don't have any record at all. In fact, there's every indication... you've been a law-abiding, productive member of your community since... Iet's face it, since a long time before I learned how to walk. This, along with the fact that this whole incident... has become a widely publicized social issue... has helped for a lot of forces, including ourselves... to rally to your support. But you're gonna have to meet us halfway. Now, I can't promise you... but if you show us you've changed your attitude... I think there's every indication you'll walk away from this whole mess... and I mean scot-free. You got an extra piece of gum? What do you say, Joe? I say, why don't you get the hell out of here? You give me a headache. Thanks for the gum. -lnmate's name? -Joe Harris. -Your name? -Pete McCaffrey. Pete or Peter? I guess Peter. -Can I see some identification, please? -Sure. Thanks. -Hiya, Pete. -Hi, Joe. They're gonna make me go to lunch in about a minute... so we'll have to make this kind of short. Kathy sends her love. She wanted to come see you, too... but we couldn't get nobody to watch the kids. You didn't tell her about any of the stuff we talked about? -No, of course not. -Good. I felt bad I couldn't go to Al's funeral. -Did it all go okay? -Yeah. How do you like that lawyer they gave you? Yeah, he's a nice kid. -Yeah, I spoke with him. -What do you mean? I didn't tell him nothing, but... we just talked about the case a little bit. He says they'll be tougher on you than he thought if you don't return the money. Yeah? Screw them. I don't know, Joe. Maybe if you just return the money from the robbery. Forget it. Al and Willie would both die if I gave that money back. Besides, Pete, let me tell you something. For the past couple of years... me, Al, and Willie all sat on that park bench... and looked at each other. Maybe a politician would come around and talk to us at election time... but that was about it. That was our life. Here, I've got my own cell with a toilet and a sink. The food's okay, and I'm feeling good. As a matter of fact, they treat me like a king around here. Everyone comes around to talk, and they all wanna do me favors. Pretty soon, they'll all wind up asking me where I hid the money. They don't know it, but they're all older than me. All right. We're going to have to wrap it up now. Inside or out, I'm a prisoner either way. So don't worry about me, Pete. You just enjoy all your inheritance, and take care of Kathy and the kids. Al would have really liked that. Okay, let's get going. And besides... no tinhorn joint like this could ever hold me.

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